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When I move I'm moved - Movement


Sometimes I feel like I lack movement. In my body, in my body-mind, in my motivation, in my actions.

I feel so stuck, blocked, stagnated. The muscles of life freez. A halt.
Sometimes I crash. I feel I've emotionally run out of gas. Exhausted.

On these kinda days I do my best to do a few things that help me bring movement into my life (really recommend):

* Self-sessions of yoga, breathwork, tantra, guided meditations, mindfulness, self-pleasure and conscious free dance - which move the layer of Fuzz that has accumulated over the muscles and tendons, and over the emotion and mind. Which move the evergy inside me, reminding me that I'm still alive.

* A quick walk or a sunset walk - that expand the lungs and diaphragm, and create a bigger space for what lives in me, for what wants to be released and expressed, for what wants to enter, for what wants to get filled.

* In-depth processes on my way to owning my sovereignty - in which I feel like I have taken a step forward (and up), after a few steps inward. Goddess bless alchemy.

Movement and Stop/Pause are the natural pulse of life. They are in every heartbeat, in every breath, in every cell of our bosy and emotions, in every birth and death.

So what about that cycle between them, when I feel stuck?

To get this cycle going, I try to remember that there is always movement, that it is present even when it's hidden from me.

I try to remember that when I am looking to move forward, my job is only to stimulate the heartbeat, AND to allow myself the stop and take a break, with compassionate self-love and tenderness.
Because stopping is the rest between movements, it is relaxation. It is surrender, it is letting go.

I try to remember that in the transition between movement and stopping/relaxation lies healing.

How do you bring more movement into your life?
How much do you allow yourself to stop, rest, let go - and how do you do it?


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